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“No more romance,” said the renowned erotic photographer Stefan Soell, after enjoying great success with his two lavish photographic volumes entitled “Alpenglow” and “Volcanic Girls”. A completely new, modern style of portraying the nude was required, and Stefan has once more succeeded convincingly. He searched for the right type of woman to match his vision for three long years, finally settling on something between the young, successful, cool businesswoman and glamorous movie star. Oozing beauty, of course, fantastically built, with a confident, cheeky appearance, and unashamedly flaunting their sex appeal. Soell has discovered over 16 completely new, never-seen-before faces, and managed to fit all their glorious nudity into the unprecedented environment of finest, ultra-modern, minimalist architecture. The contrast between the wonderful, warm skin tones, sensual body shapes and the cool, modern architecture could not be greater, and the very unusual combination of hot eroticism and cool design increases the attraction of this volume of photos immensely.

Modern Urban Girls

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ISBN-13: 978-3-03766-626-5
ISBN-10: 3-03766-626-9

Original English-German edition, approx. 160 pp., approx 200 pictures in full color, hardcover with extra strong boards and jacket in the format 24 x 30 cms.

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  • Modern Urban Girls
  • Modern Urban Girls
  • Modern Urban Girls
  • Modern Urban Girls
  • Modern Urban Girls
  • Modern Urban Girls

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