• Volcanic Girls

Volcanic Girls on Lanzarote

Stefan Soell began to take photos at the age of 15, and soon landscape and portrait photography had become his favourite subject. In addition to his astonishing talent at choosing the ideal background and selecting key details, he also has the rare knack of capturing ideal lighting conditions.
Stefan Soells «Volcanic Girls» is out of print for quiete some time. Now a new edition in special big format will be published in even better high density printing quality. The location selected for this unique collection is Lanzarote, a small but beautiful island off the coast of north-east Africa.

Volcanic Girls

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ISBN-13: 978-3-03766-650-0
ISBN-10: 3-03766-650-1

Original English-German edition. 160 pp., over 180 pictures in full color. 24 × 30 cm. Hardcover with extra strong boards

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  • Volcanic Girls
  • Volcanic Girls
  • Volcanic Girls
  • Volcanic Girls
  • Volcanic Girls
  • Volcanic Girls

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