• Susann 1786

 Susann 1786

Step back in time to 1786, 222 years ago from now. We have selected the perfect epoch for our journey through time: The Rococo.
Please follow Susann and me into the green gardens of this proud castle into the smooth foliage and the lush blooms. Follow Susann as she goes deeper into this pleasure garden losing her clothes piece by piece.

Susann 1786

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Hardcover, 20.5 x 27 cm / 8x10.5 inches,
56 Pages in colour. english and german language.
Limited Edition of 500 Books, signed and numbered.




  • Susann 1786
  • Susann 1786
  • Susann 1786
  • Susann 1786
  • Susann 1786
  • Susann 1786

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