• Corinna Enchanted

 Corinna Enchanted

Corinna is a very charming lady, and is indeed one of the most graceful models of our time with her calm happy face and marvelous body. She has all the attributes of a beautiful woman: self-confidence, a radiant smile, and the willingness to share her lovely smile with the rest of the world. Everything about her makes her beautiful and exotic. The locations at which her pictures are taken produce wonderful results that are truly inspiring. Looking at pictures of Corinna, one cannot help but notice her awesome beauty and charisma that permeate every image.

Corinna was born in 1982 in a southern German city near Ulm. She is a language student, 1.7m tall, and keeps her perfect 87-66-87 figure by playing beach volleyball and jogging along the promenade. 

Corinna Enchanted

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Hardcover, 20,5 x 27 cm / 8 x 10,5 inches, 80 Pages in colour and b&w, english language.
Limited Edition of 500 Books, signed and numbered.




  • Corinna Enchanted
  • Corinna Enchanted
  • Corinna Enchanted
  • Corinna Enchanted
  • Corinna Enchanted
  • Corinna Enchanted

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