• Curly Birdy

 Curly Birdy

Curly Birdy is something extraordinary. It is the photographic documentation of the development of a young girl to a wife. Over 15 years I accompanied the Curly Birdy with a camera. The result is an expressive and fascinating collection of photographs created in a wide array of both studio an outdoor locations. The natural, pure character, her confident look and the tangible joy of being photographed turn the Curly Birdy book into a unique historical document.  
All photographs were taken with a 4.5 x 6 medium format camera on black and white roll film. The negatives were then individually processed and exposed by hand, personally in my own private photo lab, in accordance with the zone system. The pages of the book are exposed on one side of photo paper in the laboratory and then bonded together. The highest tonal range and the most subtle gray tones and gradations are achieved through this high pressure technique. An illustrated book on the highest level.  

Curly Birdy

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Premium Quality Collectors Edition

Hardcover, 21,0 x 28,0 cm / 8,3x11 inches,
52 Pages in b&w, english and german language.

extra Limited Edition of 250 Books, signed and numbered.




  • Curly Birdy
  • Curly Birdy
  • Curly Birdy
  • Curly Birdy
  • Curly Birdy
  • Curly Birdy

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